Backroom Casting Couch – Girls With Snake Tattoos Always Take It In The Ass – Violet


This week we’ve got another waitress coming to sit on the couch. She’s 23 and honestly a cool ass chick. One of those girls you could kick it and talk a bunch of shit with. She almost reminds me of this girl my homie used to date when I was a young buck. I never got to bang that girl and it always kinda bugged me. So this is the next best thing for me. She’s pretty easy going, and happy to answer our questions on the couch, but she’s a little hesitant when she realizes she’s gotta get naked and show us her asshole. Eventually she complies and we get a nice show. Kind of a funny fact, her clit is so sensitive she has to hold the vibe to the side of her lips b/c it’s just too intense for her lol. For a girl who’s pretty brand new to anal she makes quick work of that butt plug. Next, we get a really nifty deer in the headlights look from her when she finds out she has to suck dick. After that, she does such a good job sucking my cock that I almost pop like instantly, idk what the hell was going on, I just know it felt pretty darn great. We have her keep that buttplug in the whole time I’m fucking her pussy, so I get rid of that before I start taking care of that asshole. She mentions pretty early on that she’s only tried anal once or twice, but she’s open to it. So we take it nice and easy and I get that ass nice and warmed up so I can get it a proper pounding later. She took to getting fucked in the ass like a fish in water which is always so much more fun. I finish up by giving her a nice load in the pussy. My cum drips down on the chair and she takes a nice little taste. Then, as we’re getting her dressed she’s way more leery that she isn’t getting paid, but Rick assures her it’ll happen. (Spoiler alert: it won’t). Finally at the very end Rick in his infinite wisdom and kindness stops to grab her a plan-B so I don’t have to pay 18 years worth of child support. Thanks big guy!


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