Backroom Casting Couch – Extra Tiny Teen’s Try Out – Nikki


We’ve got a super sexy gal this week. Nikki, she’s 19 and she works in the medical MJ world in some capacity or another, I wasn’t really listening tbh. Now I know that sounds rude, but when you get a load of this tiny little cutie and that outfit you’ll know exactly what I mean. Nikki is something else, she’s petite, she’s sexual, she’s gorgeous. She’s the kind of girl that gets a 10, and I can’t wait to put this girl to the test. She’s so bubbly and smiley and animated on the couch during the interview. Reminds me of like a Disney princess or something, just adorable. When we finally get a look at her full naked body in person, it’s not disappointing. Just check out that pretty pink butthole. Back on the couch she doesn’t hesitate to masturbate and get into it a little bit, she seems so comfortable showing off for us. The next thing she has to do is suck my cock, especially if she wants a shot at the fame and fortune the jizz biz brings. That blowjob does not disappoint. Again she’s just adorable and animated while sucking my cock. I finally get to feel her insides and that pussy is as tight as her body. Especially with that buttplug taking up space. She really gets into it though, and Rick makes it a point to show how her legs are locked around me so she can get every inch. Lol it almost reminds me of girlfriend sex. I fuck that petite frame all over the couch getting nice and deep in that tight pussy. Before I really test her throat skills and before I can even ask this girl has her tongue deep in my ass. Apparently she loves to eat ass, who knew? After getting my ass rimmed for a bit, we see how deep her throat is and she does a smashing job choking on my cock. Next comes the most important part of the interview, which is anal, and she’s ready to give it her best. She’s super nervous but I promise I’m gonna take care of her. It takes just a second to get going, she’s so small and tight I’m surprised she handled it as well as she did. After some TLC she’s getting her buttfucked like a champ. Even she is surprised that it starts to feel so good. So we give her the anal experience. That little pink asshole gapes open so well, and she loves the taste of my cock straight from her ass. After some riding, a quick full nelson, and another nice gape in the pile driver we move to the chair. I finish having fun with her asshole, and after putting her in a doggy style over the desk and drop a nice creampie in the pussy. Most of it drips on her leg before we can get it to drip in the chair, but she gets a nice taste of it anyway. Back on the couch she’s that same smiley, animated Nikki that walked through the door in the beginning. Boy what a trooper she is. Her sexy little ass gets dressed after finding out this was a sweat equity sex tape we made today, and it’ll pay dividends when the producers check her out, so we’ve got no money for her today. She doesn’t seem to mind too much, and away our little Nikki goes!


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