Backroom Casting Couch – Best Interview I’ve Ever Had – Cheri


22 year old ‘pool girl’ and nanny Cheri is this weeks lucky applicant. This one is a real treat. She’s pretty, petite, and she loves the cock. I really did enjoy getting to know this one. Girls like Cheri don’t come around that often.. okay I guess they do, but she’s still special. Cheri is just so down, and goes with the flow from jump street. It’s pretty interesting to hear her stories as a female pool girl, I didn’t even know they existed. Between the pool girl, being a nanny, and looking like that, I’m not sure how anyone let her around their husband. She’s got a rockin’ little body, and as your can see, she likes to show it off. After the interview, she plays with toys, uses a buttplug for the first time, and before too long she’s got my dick happily in her mouth. Now this girl knew what the assignment was when it was time to get sexy. Look at the eye contact and how well she plays it up. She must really want this job. Next, we do some great fucking and she rides my cock like a champ on the couch. She’s a little apprehensive about taking it in the ass for the first time, but eventually warms up to it. Pretty soon I’m pumping that virgin asshole and she’s absolutely loving it. My favorite part is how she’s so taken back by having to put it in her mouth right out of her ass, but she does it anyway! You gotta love it. I try to get a nice gape out of that ass, but it’s too fresh, and we don’t get much. I fuck her ass for a while, then I swap it up and unload in her pussy. Even after getting an unexpected creampie after getting fucked in her ass she’s still just so spunky. All she can think is if she got the job, but we all know there is no job.


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