Backroom Casting Couch – Britt – 18 Years Old


Everyone welcome 18 year old Britt to the couch! A little fun fact for everyone: Britt here is actually Brookies younger step sister. In real life. Yes. It’s true. Little Britt is quite the firecracker. She is a drop dead gorgeous, blonde hair, blue eyed perfectly petite little beauty with a perfect body. Ayi yai yai imma have some fun today. Once Britt arrives, we get her on that couch and start getting to know her. She works at a sammich shop, which sounds super boring, so what’s she gonna do about it? Well, she can suck dick for a living! and that’s why Britt is here. She’s so giggly answering our questions. When we get that white dress off and she’s standing there in that white G-string it’s pretty clear she’s got the body to make her dreams come true. We have her show us the goods – and good they are – before it’s back to the couch for some dildos and buttplugs. Now Britt here has only had like maaaaybe 1 real anal attempt. So she does a great job getting that toy in that sweet little asshole. So kudos. After a little toy fun, I finally get my dick sucked. It’s quite a treat watching that pretty mouth suck and slobber on my cock. She’s got some great BJ skills. I eat the pussy for a second before I get to fucking that 18 year old snatch. Boy howdy does it feel amazing. I fuck that pussy for a while and you know what come next.. oh yes you do. It’s time for some ass fuckin’. Again for basically being an anal virgin, she really gives it her all. Those cute little facial expressions are so sexy, so is the ass to mouth, and those enormous gapes we get. Finally we go back to the couch so I can squirt a hot load of baby batter in that sweet teen pussy. We get her cleaned up, ask her a few more questions, before we have her dress (tell me that thong isn’t to die for) and send her on her way. Maybe her and Brookie are sitting by the phone waiting for that call as we speak.


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