Backroom Casting Couch – Brookie – 22 Years Old


This week we’ve got an extra special little treat! We’ve got Brookie (Yes, like the delicious dessert treat). She’s 22 years old, and she works in one of those coffee places where the girls all have their titties and asses out. Seems like a terrible health code violation somehow, but whatevs, I don’t drink coffee anyway. Brookie is a dime piece. She’s gorgeous, so bubbly, and has a superb attitude. OOOOH yeah, I mentioned an extra special little treat with this one… turns out she’s got a step-sister who turned her on to the jizz biz. Where’d her sister have her first adult industry foray? Right here at BackRoom Casting Couch(Coming soon)! We filmed her step sister a couple weeks ago, and apparently within that three week bubble we gave them, she sent Brookie our way. LOL we’re gonna be in double trouble. I can tell you her sister was a great little slut too, but we’ll save the rest of the details for another time. Today you’re gonna see me fucking Brookie’s ass, mouth, and everything in-between. She’s so compliant with the whole process. She comes in, gives us a good interview, Follows instructions when we tell her to get naked and suck my cock. She seemed to enjoy getting railed with the buttplug in. But here at BRCC we’re all about that ass fuckin’ and fuck that ass I do! Personally, the hottest part of the day for me was the no hands ass to mouth, and the facial expressions this girl made while I was balls deep in that butthole. I should have dropped my load right in that butthole, but we haven’t had the best luck with that lately lol. So I pop it in that pussy and fill her up. There’s a nice bit at the end where she plays with herself while cum was dripping out of her pussy. It’s lovely. Finally, we dress her and send her to wait by the phone with her step-sister for that call the ain’t ever gonna come.


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