Backroom Casting Couch – Fireworks – Violet


Welcome back, and welcome Violet. She’s a 20 year old gal and she is just sexy as fuuuck. It’s a coincidence we’d have such a firecracker before all the 4th of July fireworks, but here we are. Violet has these AMAZING blue eyes that are just hypnotic. She’s put together rather well for a 20 year old I say. She’s confident and trying to take the next step towards fame and fortune. She’s come to the right place. When she arrives, she phones Rick, and once she gets inside our lair, it’s on. While talking with her, we learn that Violet is also an aspiring DJ, which is interesting. I don’t think we’ve had one of those on the couch. The interview is fun – she’s bubbly. She’s also giving us just a little glimpse up that skirt, and I can’t tell if she’s wearing underwear or not. We find out pretty quickly she is in fact, NOT wearing any panties or underwear at all. Back on the couch, she has some fun with the vibrator and we find out she likes to squirt.. but we’ll save that trick for later. She uses the vibe, then pops that buttplug in before it’s surprise time! I guess Violet really wasn’t expecting to suck some dick, but on her knees she goes. This is where it gets really fun ya’ll. Look at her dick control, that’s a solid A. Eye contact A+, sexiness A++. It was a real treat putting my cock in her mouth, but it didn’t compare to that ass up, face down doggy style position. The way she presents that backside to me for a balls deep fucking, Ayi Yai Yai. We do some more pussy stuff on the couch, and then it’s on to the anal. Now she hasn’t done buttstuff in a while, but she still likes it, and that really shines through. I put my cock in her ass while she lays on her back, then some more on her side, plus a little gape and taste at the end. I really plow that asshole on the couch as she rides me and gets full anal Nelson. Next, we do some face fucking, and then it’s more ass fucking in the chair where she gets a nice anal creampie she turns into a comfart cocktail. She loved it. Finally, we get her back on the couch where it doesn’t take long at all with that toy before she’s squirting all over the place, a nice way to finish the day. We get her cleaned up as best as possible, and then out the door, minus any kind of paycheck for today’s exploits. Thanks Violet, in Dj terms I think we call that a BANGER!


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