Backroom Casting Couch – Rose – 23 Years Old


23 year old Rose is back. But you don’t know that because you haven’t seen her first casting session. Don’t worry, you will. Rose was so much fun that I felt it would be more interesting if we showed you her solo casting first. I really dug this chick, so I asked Rick if we could bring her back and he was like, “Hellz yeah Cam!” and I was like, “Awesome.” To catch you up a bit, Rose works at Bath and Body Works and that shit sucks. She’s super sexual and she’s got a boyfriend who thinks she’ll be great in the biz. So she got in contact with us and viola! She has a pretty good idea of what’s going on. So we put her on the couch and catch up a bit. Things are same ol’ same ol’ in her world, so I put my cock in her mouth. She’s an excellent cock sucker, it’s almost like SHE’S getting turned on sucking my cock. Amazing I tell ya. We do some vaginal fucking around the office, then we get to my favorite part, the buttfuckin’. This chick actually digs anal so maybe that’s why I like her so much. I fuck that pretty asshole on the desk, on the couch, on the floor… in a box, with a fox, wearing socks. Just wearing that thing out mang. Finally I drop a monster load in her ass and she squeezes it out tasting it a bit like the good slut she is. Then we dress her and send her on her way for a second time. HOPEFULLY she isn’t actually putting in her two weeks notice like I mention to her at the end.


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