Modern Day Sins – Proud Pervs: Stuck Up – Alexis Tae, Kimmy Kimm


Kimmy Kimm, Madison Summers, and Alexis Tae have just gotten back from a shopping spree. They’ve decided to stop by Alexis’ new home, and they are gobsmacked as they take it in for the first time. Madison, the more conservative and dour of the bunch, skeptically asks how Alexis was able to afford such a nice place. Alexis cheerfully informs them that she got a new job, and then heads to another room to drop off her things.

Now alone, Madison frantically grabs Kimmy and confides in her that she learned that Alexis’ new job is actually being a cam-girl online. Madison thinks it’s disgusting, and that Alexis is degrading herself. Kimmy, on the other hand, doesn’t see a problem with it and finds it empowering. Madison tries to convince Kimmy to intervene with Alexis, such as telling her parents or even severing ties with her completely. But Kimmy won’t hear any of it: Alexis is doing what SHE needs to do to flourish. Whatever she does with her body is her choice.

Alexis returns and catches Madison gossiping about her, who decides to come clean about her feelings. Alexis is quick to shut her down, standing up for herself with the help of Kimmy, who is completely on her side. Madison claims she’s trying to help Alexis, but it becomes very clear that she just can’t see past her own blinding ignorance and conservatism. Not to mention that she also happens to have saved Alexis’ nudes on her phone as well, which doesn’t help her case at all. Madison retreats to the bathroom, too angry for words.

Kimmy begins complementing Alexis on her life choices- she’s doing so well for herself! Kimmy asks if Alexis would be willing to teach her some of her ‘skills’ and Alexis is happy to help. They begin making out just as Madison walks out of the bathroom and catches them. She’s disgusted and surprised when Kimmy refuses to leave with her, clearly enjoying herself. Madison, fuming, walks out the front door, leaving these two to their ‘devilish’ ways.

Kimmy and Alexis climb onto the couch and continue making out while groping each other. Alexis lets Kimmy recline as she kisses her neck and fondles her breasts under her top, eventually undoing Kimmy’s skirt and removing her shoes so she can suck on her toes. They strip down to their underwear, and Alexis then pops Kimmy’s breasts out of her bra to suck on her nipples, rubbing Kimmy’s pussy over her panties all the while. Kimmy then flips Alexis onto the couch and does the same to her. Kimmy performs eats out and fingers Alexis with her knees on the floor as Alexis moans with delight.

Now it’s Kimmy’s turn, and she reclines on the couch as Alexis fingers and eats her out in missionary. Alexis then gets into doggystyle on the couch, letting Kimmy rim and finger in both holes from behind. They move their hips together, each sitting up on the couch, and scissor each other, after which Kimmy gets onto her knees and hands to let Alexis eats her out from behind. Alexis then climbs onto Kimmy’s face and lets her eat her out from a facesitting position until she climaxes in delight.

Some people are just so stuck up, but not these two! Alexis and Kimmy know exactly how to have fun, and the haters can hate all they want.