A POV Story – Trusting Daddy Part 2 – Kimmy Kimm, Isiah Maxwell


After Lacey (London) seduced her stepdaddy Isiah Maxwell in Part 1, her best friend Kimmy Kimm returns after a night out clubbing, and tells Isiah her sob story. “I wanted to apologize to her -see we got into this fight and I went to the club. She told me not to go out with guys I talked to on the internet. She thinks I’m this fun, wild girl, but in reality that’s not true at all”, Kimmy notes. She tells him about her date gone wrong: “Well, I almost had sex with a guy tonight sir. I tell Lacey I have sex all the time, but that’s not the truth either. I just hate being a virgin. Well, I told this guy I wanted to suck his cock, so we went to the back of his car, but when I got on my knees for him he started to undress me and I told him No. But he was so rough with me. I opened the back door and ran away. I thought of Lacey and wanted to beg her for her forgiveness. I still want to be with a guy, but Lacey told me I should only be with someone who respects me, and someone that I trust”. Kimmy moves from the living room couch to rub Isiah’s knee as he sits listening on his chair. “You’re a good man sir. I wish I could be Lacey. I wish you could be my daddy”, Kimmy says, leaning forward to try and kiss him. He backs off, but undeterred Kimmy continues: “Oh sir, see I’ve learned my lesson. I know my virginity is a gift and it’s something I should only give to someone special, and someone that I trust and I choose you”, and this time he accepts her heartfelt kiss. Watch the sexy scene unfold…


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Actors: Kimmy Kimm
Studios: A POV Story, MissaX
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