Mommy’s Boy – Caught Lez-Handed – Kimmy Kimm, Sarah Vandella, Apollo Banks


Apollo Banks chats with his stepmom, Sarah Vandella, a piano teacher who is on her way out to teach a lesson with Kimmy Kimm, one of Apollo’s schoolmates. As they chat, there are hints that Apollo has a crush on Kimmy… But after Sarah leaves the room, Apollo thinks back over some of Sarah’s recent suspicious activity. He begins to suspect that Sarah is cheating with one of Kimmy’s parents and resolves to get to the bottom of it. Apollo secretly follows Sarah to Kimmy’s house and sneaks up to the backdoor. When he peeks in through the sliding doors, he’s shocked to see Sarah making out with Kimmy — NOT one of Kimmy’s parents! Apollo goes into the house, feeling betrayed, and resolves to tell EVERYONE about the affair. Sarah and Kimmy try to convince him NOT to, but he won’t budge… until the women get inventive and offer to have a THREESOME with Apollo if he keeps their little secret…


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