Caught Fapping – Caught By Her Sister’s Boyfriend – Aften Opal, Lawson Jones


Aften Opal enters her living room but is shocked when she sees Lawson Jones, her older sibling’s boyfriend, dozing on the couch. She figures he must be staying over for the night but knows that her parents are super strict about NOT letting Lawson stay in the same room with her older sibling. This annoying rule works well in Aften’s favor, though, since she has a MAJOR crush on Lawson! In fact, she’s so turned on by the sight of him — and thinking that the rest of the family is tucked in for the night — that she sneaks around the corner into the kitchen and masturbates to sexy thoughts of him.

But she’s embarrassed beyond words when, so caught up in her fantasy, she doesn’t notice Lawson entering the kitchen for a glass of water. She’s caught with her pants down but Lawson doesn’t seem bothered. He admits that he and the older sibling aren’t doing so well right now and are thinking of breaking up. Aften is so shocked that her older sibling would let Lawson slip through her fingers that she misses all the subtle hints that Lawson drops to show that he’s actually interested in HER! When Aften finally catches on, it’s a dream come true. While one relationship is about to end, another is about to begin as Aften and Lawson come crashing together in a heated kiss.

Actors: Aften Opal