Web Young – Mystery Crush – Aften Opal, Indica Monroe


Aften Opal and her friend Indica Monroe are hanging out and studying. As they study, they idly chat about an upcoming school dance. They’re both looking forward to it, but Aften admits that she’s not really interested in going to the dance with any of the guys in their grade.

‘Maybe I’m not even interested in guys at ALL right now? Maybe it’s time to try something NEW…’ Aften says.

Indica seems surprised as she hears this. Indica then grows thoughtful, as if she’s coming up with a secret plan. Indica doesn’t say anything as they go back to studying.

Days later, Indica is sitting alone in a classroom before class. She looks a bit anxious. Aften enters the classroom with a folded piece of paper in her hand, looking intrigued. Aften tells Indica that she found a note in her locker but hasn’t opened it yet.

Aften unfolds the paper and is surprised as she reads it silently, saying it sounds like a love note. She curiously adds that it doesn’t sound like anything a guy would write, though. Indica lies, saying that she saw a mysterious girl putting the note into Aften’s locker. Aften is surprised, especially since it’s from a girl, but seems receptive. Indica looks relieved.

A few days later, Aften finds chocolates on her desk and Indica insists she saw the same mysterious girl dropping them off. Aften is suspicious, though Indica lies and manages to shake the suspicions again. Aften seems receptive to the chocolates and Indica is secretly pleased.

A week later, Indica arrives for another study session but has flowers. She claims she found them on the steps and that they must be from the secret admirer.

Aften’s suspicions are too high to ignore anymore. She questions Indica’s involvement. As Indica tries to answer Aften’s questions, stammering nervously, Aften pauses for a moment as she puts it all together, her eyes widening with surprise. Indica looks like a deer caught in headlights. She then finally sheepishly admits that, yes, she’s the secret admirer.

Aften is shocked, asking why Indica didn’t just tell her earlier. Indica admits that she wasn’t sure if Aften liked girls, so she wasn’t brave enough to outright tell her. She did all this because she wanted to ask Aften to the dance.

Aften is even more shocked. Indica starts to backtrack, thinking she pushed too hard and ruined everything. Aften takes Indica’s hands to calm her down. Aften’s expression is softer as she pushes through the shock. Aften admits that this is a huge surprise to her, but that she’s glad Indica finally found the courage to tell her. Indica is stunned. It’s clear that Aften now sees Indica in a new light, a spark of attraction growing. They come together for a tender kiss, excited to see where this blossoming romantic relationship will go.

Mystery solved!


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