Adult Time – Thicc As Thieves – Aften Opal, Kimmy Kimm – Lez Be Bad


Kimmy Kimm and Aften Opal are two professional robbers that have just hit the jackpot. They’ve made they’re way into a lavish home while the owners are away, tossing gold and silver into their bags as their eyes light up with the promise of riches. But when they stumble upon the homeowner’s hidden strap-on dildo… these two thieves decide to rough and sensual interlude… They sloppily kiss on the homeowner’s bed, letting their wet tongues collide together as they taste each other’s spit. They then suck on each other’s breasts and toes, enthralled by the naughty, dirty pleasure of it all. After some wet and wild oral, Kimmy dons a strap-on and fucks Aften’s tight pussy with it, making her moan with pleasure. And when it’s Aften’s turn to don the strap-on, Kimmy sucks Aften’s juices off of it before riding it hard. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that these two deviants certainly know how to take a risky situation to the next level… and have naughty fun while they’re at it!


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