Backroom Casting Couch – Scarlett – 22 Years Old


22 year old smiley, giggley Scarlett is super fuckin’ hot! She’s got a great body, and in my opinion the perfect personality for porn – you’ll see what I mean. Scarlett is here today because she’s tired of delivering food on her bicycle to drunken frat guys. She tells us it’s been a little less than a year since she’s lost her virginity (!!!) and she’s ready to play. When we interview her, she plays it kinda coy and naive with her answers, but has a ton of great stories. Next, we have her get naked. When she takes off that sundress you’ll see that this girl knows how to show off her goods by teasing the camera a bit. Then, we have her get back on the couch, give her a toy and let her have at it. Scarlett clearly has a good time, but after that, it’s my turn to have fun.. which starts by her getting on her knees and suckin’ my cock! For someone who’s semi-new to sex ,she does a really good job slobbin’ my knob. I proceed to rail her all over the office. Missionary, doggy, riding, reverse, she gets the whole kit and caboodle. Her pussy is so fresh it’s still got the new car smell! Finally, I fill her womb all the way up with my fresh jizz. She still hadn’t cum yet, so I hand her the vibrator and she gets herself off with my load dripping out of her. Great scene and great girl! Scarlett the starlet will do well in the industry!

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