Backroom Casting Couch – Chloe And Vanessa Threeway


Are you ready for the circus? Because this week we get intense ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got super cutie Vanessa here, she’s 22, unemployed and wants to get into the adult industry. What she doesn’t know is we’re gonna ambush her a little today. She’s going to be surprised by a repeat customer, who really wants to get that job. Remember 24 year old Chloe? She’s returning to not only surprise Vanessa, but also get fucked in her ass! Vanessa doesn’t know she’s about to be involved in a hot ass three-way, and when she finds out, she isn’t too upset. Vanessa is super into girls, but it seems like she can’t really find one to play with on the regular. Vanessa is also really really pretty, something about that skin and smile. This girl is really ready for anything and shows it. She doesn’t balk at all when Chloe arrives. You’ll probably recall Chloe and her fantastical tits from a few weeks ago. So today we’re gonna kill a couple birds with one big ass rock, and let me tell you, it’s one of the hottest scenes ever! We preface the girls’ introduction just like we prefaced one of our last 3way adventures: casting two girls at once and only one of them is in on the surprise. There is a lot of action, like major motion picture action. We’ve got almost 2 hours of fun. We have these cuties play with each other for the better part of an hour before my cock even gets involved. So if you’re not into that hot girl on girl action, then just skip ahead to about 40 minutes when they both start slobbin’ on my knob. When we first met Chloe, she wasn’t down for a cock in her ass, but today that’s what she’s gonna get. The girls have a blast getting to know each other, you can tell they’re both genuinely into girls so that’s hot. They get naked, kiss, touch on each other, play with some toys, the whole kit and kaboodle. They both do a grrrreaaat job sucking on my cock, it’s like a dream come true to have two beautiful babes looking up at you with your cock in their mouth. We have some vaginal fun with Vanessa, who really enjoys getting plowed. Then I swap my attention over the Chloe for some anal fun. She really does take it in the ass like a champ. As if fucking a hot blonde wasn’t enough, I’ve got my little helper Vanessa by my side doing the dirtiest of things, with a smile on her face. She happily does ass to other girls mouth, the Mt Everest of sex acts, and licks Chloe’s freshly fucked ass. I have Chloe suck my cock until I’m ready to burst then I give Vanessa a lovely creampie that Chloe has no problem licking up and cum swapping. Days like this are why I’m alive. This is some of the hottest shit I’ve ever been a part of. At the end, both girls are as chipper as ever on the couch during the post casting interview, even when Vanessa finds out “the check’s in the mail.”


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