Backroom Casting Couch – It’s Always The Quiet Ones – Hazel


22 year old Hazel is next up on the black couch. Hazel is the girl you see at school, maybe in the library, or grocery store. She’s got this real girl next door vibe about her. She could be sitting next to you in class and you’d never know how much this girl needs sex. Of course it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you. Hazel arrives and her choice of outfit is very revealing. We think she understood the assignment and we’re not complaining. After a little of the ol’ small talk we find out she’s a bit of a freak, like it’s rough, she’s done some anal, it’s pretty easy to tell she’s a pleaser who wants to get plowed. Next, Rick talks her out of her clothes and has her standing there in that lingerie bodysuit, then he’s got her removing it. She’s a natural standing there in her birthday suit showing us her asshole. After that, she has fun with the vibrator and buttplug combo. She doesn’t seem to be phased for the next part of the interview, but that’s the love of sex coming out. With my cock in her mouth, she has no problem with me grabbing the back of that head and getting deep in her mouth. She’s loving the doggy style, rocking back into my cock. Riding reverse and forward just plowing her hips down and enjoying every minute. Some more face fucking over the couch and then we get to the anal. The anal is so fucking hot! There’s nothing better than a girl who likes to get plowed in the ass. We even add the dildo for some toy DP which she doesn’t mind tasting straight from her hole. Back on the couch she rides again and I pull her on top of me for some nice gapes. I finish her off by fucking her asshole in the chair until I explode. She pushes a gallon of cum out of her asshole lol. Back on the couch she seems pretty happy about what went down, showing off her used asshole. She finds out she isn’t getting paid, and she gets dressed, and waits outside for her Uber. The moral of this whole story is, a pretty yet unassuming girl like that could be right next to you and you’d never know how she would be to fuck. So shoot your shot, you never know whose ass you’ll end up fucking.


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