Backroom Casting Couch – Vivian – 19 Years Old


19 year old fast food manager Vivian is engaged to a young gentleman who – she claims – is aware of her audition today, and supports it. What’s better than knowing your fiance is about to bring home the bacon fucking other dudes in the jizz biz, right? Very manly. Very 2018. She lets slip that she hasn’t had sex with him in many months because they’re “having issues”. By that she probably means her dude can’t keep a hard-on. She’s oddly surprised to see my guest stud KJ so big and hard when she unpacks him to give him a blowjob for her demo tape, and then deep-throats his big cock like a teen nympho who’s starved for dick. She even manages to not let her braces get in the way. Impressive. And maybe those “issues” are the reason our guest stud KJ rather easily fucks her to an orgasm. She loves his dick so much, she doesn’t wait to ride his cock even though I’m clearly having some trouble keeping up my cameras with these two at some point. Vivian even lets my man fuck her teen ass, something she doesn’t even let her fiance do. After KJ unleashes a cum load so huge that it not only goes down her throat, in her hair, and over her face but also on my fucking couch, Vivian is eager to lick the Internet’s most famous piece of furniture (not my words but I take it) clean for us. Still covered in cum we have her jill herself to a quick orgasm before we send her back to her cuckold fiance and minimum wage job. Or as Vivian puts it: “I’m gonna go home, take a shower, and wash my ass…”


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