Backroom Casting Couch – Back Door Gymnast – Maggie


This weeks eager casting applicant is quite the mutli-talented cutie. She’s a 22 year old esthetician and gymnast who is half black and half white… and apaaaaarrrently her mother is a full blown ginger. At this point my friends, you should know how much I love those gingers, so this year has been a total win for me so far. This girl is a hottie, I really love her hair even though I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to say that anymore, but I fuckin’ love it. She’s got a really strong personality (which I also find attractive), but I don’t want anyone trying to fight me when they finally figure out what’s going on lol. She’s super cool is all I’m trying to say. When our girl arrives we do the typical thing: take a look at her, get to know her a bit then get them titties out and them cheeks spread. So we do that. She’s got a great body, but you know what’s better than that body? The way she gives a blowjob. This gal can suck a dick ya’ll and it’s fantastical. Honestly I could have just let her blow me the whole time, but that wouldn’t be much of a casting video would it? So we do some fucking and again it’s great. When I get to test out that asshole, we take it real slow to start and when she’s finally warmed up we really get to it. Some riding, some ass to mouth, some gaping, it’s all hot and you’re gonna love it. We finish it up with me blasting her face with a huge load. Finally, we get her dressed and send her on her way. She thinks she’s gonna get paid in about 3 weeks, so she doesn’t seem to angry, lol, but I can imagine she’s gonna be.


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