PurgatoryX – The Dentist Vol 1 E3 – Angela White, Donnie Rock


The creepy dentist (Donnie Rock) is at it again. Angela (Angela White) has a sudden toothache and needs Dr. Rock’s help. She thinks it’s a bit odd that there are no other patients or a receptionist in the office but she needs relief of the pain. Once in the examination room, Dr. Rock reclines the dental chair and dons his gloves. He begins the examination with two fingers delving deep into her throat. Angela, taken by surprise, doesn’t know how to react. With one hand resting on her humongous breast, Dr. Rock continues to finger her mouth with the other. Slowly, his hands begin to roam over his patient’s body, helping her to completely forget about her toothache. His seductive touch soon has Angela’s legs spread wide as he massages her clean-shaven pussy. The foreplay continues with the good doctor fingering and licking her delicious cunt. She’s completely turned-on and can’t wait to get some dick. She devours his cock and gives him a good titty-fuck before taking it from behind. The doctor fucks his patient hard and deep until he empties his balls down her throat. Angela happily slurps-up every drop of cum. Then, things become a bit awkward as the two suddenly regain their senses…


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Actors: Angela White
Studios: PurgatoryX
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