PurgatoryX – Fantasy Couple E1 – April Snow, Donnie Rock


It’s their wedding anniversary and April (April Snow) wants to start the day off with a bang. Freshly bathed and dressed in her robe, April makes sure to seduce her handsome and sexy husband, Donnie (Donnie Rock), as he dresses for work. The two lovers make passionate love as they kiss and lick each other’s bodies. She savors the taste of his huge cock before offering herself to be taken from behind. April and Donnie make love as if they are first-time lovers. As Donnie climaxes, he shoots his load all over April’s tits. To honor their promises, Donnie hands April a card containing his fantasy. She expects he’ll ask her for anal sex but instead, he wants to invite her best friend, Nadya (Nadya Nabakova), to join them for a threesome. At first, April’s a bit surprised, but quickly becomes excited at the thought of making her husband’s fantasy come true.


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Actors: April Snow
Studios: PurgatoryX
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