PurgatoryX – One Eye Open Vol 1 E3 – Jazlyn Ray, Kay Lovely, Donnie Rock, Mazee The Goat


Jazlyn (Jazlyn Ray) and Kay (Kay Lovely) meet Donnie (Donnie Rock) and Mazee (Mazee the Goat) for the local happy hour. Donnie claims to be going straight but sneaks off to the restroom to tip a few back. The foursome heads to Jazlyn and Donnie’s place where Donnie promptly “falls asleep”. Jazlyn and Kay waste no time and are quickly devouring Mazee’s monstrous man meat. Jazlyn suspects that Donnie’s only faking and proves it by pulling out his already erect cock. Since Donnie’s jig is up he joins in the fun. It’s a super hot lick, suck and fuck-fest until Jazlyn and Kay receive their just rewards…


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