Modern Day Sins – Mad Fuckers: Toying With The Secretary – Nicole Sage, Jessy Jones


Nicole Sage is hard at work at the office, making sure everything is nice and orderly for her boss, Jessy Jones. But while she’s working, she gets a call from a client and has to leave for a minute. Moments later, Jessy enters the office, searching for some paperwork she has prepared for him. But, instead of finding the paperwork he wants, he finds a dildo instead.

Jessy is shocked by the blatant disrespect for the workplace and plans to give Nicole a piece of his mind when she returns. Once she does, he confronts her about it but Nicole keeps her cool, not backing down from him. She admits that, yes, she keeps a dildo in the office to help relieve the stress that comes with the job. It also helps with productivity.

Jessy is startled by her brazen attitude as she confidently holds her own. Then begins the game of chicken as Jessy challenges her to show him how she uses it. Nicole cockily agrees to it, much to Jessy’s surprise, since she’s in need of a MAJOR stress reliever when dealing with a boss like HIM.

She sits back on a desk and spreads her legs, moving aside her skirt and panties, exposing her pussy. Without hesitation, she starts sucking on the dildo then fucking her pussy with it. She doesn’t shy away from Jessy at all, maintaining intense eye contact. However, Jessy doesn’t shy away either. As they both try to humiliate each other, it seems to only make them even hotter… and they soon find themselves close, kissing and groping each other.

The dildo isn’t forgotten about once they get into the thick of it. Jessy uses the dildo on Nicole while fucking her as much as he can. Nicole is stuffed full multiple times as she’s spitroasted and double penetrated with both Jessy’s cock and the dildo. If Jessy thinks THIS kind of manhandling will make her submit to him, he’s sorely mistaken since this is EXACTLY what she wants.

Actors: Nicole Sage