Girls Way – Airing Out The Dirty Laundry – Aiden Ashley, Coco Lovelock


Aiden Ashley is busy finishing up a last load of laundry when her best friend’s younger sibling, Coco Lovelock, gives her a call. Coco’s wondering if she can come over to Aiden’s to do laundry there instead of at her dorm. Aiden’s happy to help, so Coco says she’ll be right over.

While she waits for Coco to arrive, Aiden decides to take a shower. She strips down, peeling off her bra and panties, and steps inside. As water pours over her body, she lathers soap onto her plump breasts and lets the soapy liquid run down between her thighs. By the time the shower’s done, Coco’s already arrived and is sitting on Aiden’s bed, waiting for her.

But Coco doesn’t seem too chipper today, so Aiden asks her what’s wrong. They sit together on the bed, and Coco airs out some of her dirty laundry about some issues she’s been having with other girls at college. Coco’s been trying to experiment sexually, but none of the lesbians there seem to want to give her the time of day. They’re so judgemental, and they assume that Coco’s straight only because she hasn’t fooled around with other girls before. Well, lucky for Coco, Aiden’s happy to give her a crash course in lesbian sex that will make Coco the most experienced girl on campus!


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