Girls Way – The Ultimate Distraction – Jewelz Blu, Charly Summer


Jewelz Blu, a video game streamer, looks miserable and flops onto the couch. Her girlfriend, Charly Summer, who is sitting nearby, asks what’s wrong. Jewelz reveals that her video game streaming has become more popular, BUT as a consequence, there are more people in the chat and it’s distracting. Her gaming performance has been going downhill. She can’t afford to lose her followers because she keeps getting distracted — she WANTS them to interact with her while she plays!

Charly patiently listens, then suggests that Jewelz needs to train herself to be able to play during these distractions. In fact, Charly even offers to help Jewelz train by giving her ‘the ULTIMATE distraction’, but won’t reveal what that is. Once Jewelz starts playing a video game with some of her online friends, intending to practice with Charly using ‘the ULTIMATE distraction’ on her, she’s surprised when Charly quickly ducks under her desk.

Once there, Jewelz’s eyes grow wide as it turns out that ‘the ULTIMATE distraction’ is Charly touching and eating out her pussy while she’s gaming! If Jewelz can concentrate through THIS, she can concentrate through ANYTHING.

Studios: Girls Way, Adult Time