Pure Taboo – The Wing Woman – Charly Summer, Lily Larimar, Charles Dera


Jennifer (Charly Summer) has arranged a date with an older man that she’s met online called Bruce (Charles Dera), a fact she’s kept hidden from her parents. Jennifer’s friend Amy (Lily Larimar) has convinced Jennifer to let her come along as Jennifer’s ‘wing-woman’- just to make sure that Jennifer doesn’t get into any trouble.

When they arrive at Bruce’s house, he instantly gives off creepy, dark vibes. He doesn’t waste time with chit-chat and starts seducing Jennifer immediately, which makes Amy more and more uncomfortable. As Jennifer starts grinding against Bruce’s crotch, Amy goes to the bathroom to collect her thoughts.

But when Amy comes back from the bathroom, she’s shocked to see Bruce pounding Jennifer in doggystyle as she squeals with delight. Amy thinks that Bruce is being too rough with her friend, but is even more surprised when Jennifer expresses that she likes it like that. Jennifer and Bruce think that Amy could loosen up a bit- maybe she wants to join them in a threesome?


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