Girl Girl – Survival Sex – Alina Lopez, Alex De La Flor


Photographer Alina Lopez is taking photos of her newest model Adira when she gets a frantic call from her mom. Her mom’s freaking out because she thinks Alina’s little step-sister Alex has ran away again and needs Alina to go out looking for her. After some resistance, Alina agrees to go looking around town for Alex.

Alex is a girl of the streets and will do whatever it takes to survive. Whether it’s stealing, selling drugs, or turning tricks Alex does it all. She doesn’t go to school or have any responsibilities so Alex spends her time doing whatever she pleases.

When Alex finally calls Alina back she’s pissed that their mom is sending her out looking for her, she knows her mom loves Alina more and has always been jealous of that. While they’re on the phone Alina spots Alex and pulls up beside her but she isn’t going quietly and starts running away as fast as she can. Alina catches up to Alex and grabs her then takes her back to her loft.

Back at the apartment the girls argue about why Alex won’t just live at home with their mom. She likes being out on the streets doing what she needs to do to live but Alina can’t agree that it’s the best decision.

Alex changes the tune when she tells Alina that she’s going to have to do something for her or she’s going to tell the social worker at the shelter that her mom and sister used to abuse her physically and sexually. Alina knows none of that happened but is worried that the social worker won’t believe her, but what does Alex want her to do to keep her quiet?


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