Girl Girl – Nearly Caught On My Honeymoon – Dana Dearmond, Jane Wilde


Jane Wilde was hoping to have a fairytale wedding, but it turned out to be nothing less than a nightmare. First, her bridesmaid got sick during the wedding then her new sister-in-law spent the whole reception stumbling and bumping into people before passing out on the dance floor.

The last straw was when her new husband decided that their honeymoon was just going to be them going to her new mother-in-law’s vacation rental. It’s not Jane’s idea of a romantic getaway, coupled with the fact that her husband won’t stop working and get off the phone for one second, she’s hoping it can only get better from here.

Jane’s new mother-in-law, Dana, welcomes them to the house and gives them a tour before bringing them to the guest room they’ll be staying in. Her new husband walks right past her into the room while Dana and Jane talk about how he’s a workaholic. Once they get settled in, Jane puts on sexy clothes for her husband so they can consulate their marriage but once again, he gets a business call.

The next morning Dana has breakfast ready when her son comes down but he’s still working as usual and heads outside to the balcony so Dana decides she should check on Jane. Dana sneaks into the bedroom while Jane’s asleep and figures if her son isn’t going to take care of his new wife, she’s going to have to do it herself.


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