Girl Girl – Nearly Caught Coming For A Visit – Alina Lopez, London River


When London River sent her step-daughter off to college she expected Alina to be bringing home a boyfriend she had to worry about but Alina says she has a girlfriend now. London thinks that it’s a little inappropriate, maybe she’s doing it to spite her and talks to her husband about what to do about it.

Alina overhears everything so she knows her step-mom is going to have a talk with her about her sexuality after they all go out to lunch. When they get back from eating her dad is passed out drunk and London takes this opportunity to have a chat with Alina.

They sit on the couch and London starts to talk but Alina interrupts her, she knows what this is about. Alina explains that London has it all wrong, girls are so much more fun to date than guys, they smell so much better than men and everything just feels better.

Alina thinks that the only way London is going t o understand is if she tries it out herself but London is completely against it, it’s inappropriate. Alina continues her advances until she finally just pulls London’s breasts out on the couch and then her own. Her dad is still passed out in the kitchen so they have to be quiet so they don’t get caught.


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