Adult Time – Naughty Scout Secrets – Khloe Kapri, Maddy May – Lez Be Bad


Khloe Kapri and Maddy May, two Preparedness Scouts, return from a scout event with naughty looks on their faces. It turns out that these two lesbians have been hiding a dirty little secret. They lift up their skirts, revealing that they’ve shockingly both been wearing butt plugs all day long. Not only that… but they’ve also been controlling each other’s vibrations using apps on their phones. Now that they’re finally alone, however, Khloe and Maddy decide that it’s time to indulge in some naughty, rough sex. Keeping their butt plugs inside their tight assholes, they kiss intensely, their tongues colliding in each other’s mouths. They then peel off their clothes and engage in some filthy 69, which not only includes pussy-eating, but anal fingering and rimming as well. Soon enough, they decide to take this Lez Be Bad fuck session to another level with some rough strap-on play. They strap in and start fucking each other vaginally, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t continue having fun with their trusty butt plugs. As they fuck each other with their strap-ons, they keep playing with their phone apps, making each other’s assholes buzz with pleasure. What will these scouts think of next?


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