Web Young – That’s The Spirit – Jessie Saint, Daya Knight


Jessie Saint is surrounded by ritualistic items. She looks desperate as she begs for help from the spirit world and explains her situation. She has a MAJOR crush on her best friend and roommate, Daya Knight, but is too shy to act on it. She wants the spirit of someone confident to temporarily possess her to help her finally confess to Daya.

Jessie closes her eyes and invites any interested spirit into her body to help. After a few suspenseful moments, she suddenly jolts. She then opens up her eyes with a grin, her entire deposition instantly changed. ‘I’ll take care of EVERYTHING,’ she declares, clearly now possessed by a confident spirit.

The spirit moves on and peeks into another bedroom where Daya is lounging, yet unnoticed, and appreciatively eyes her. It’s no WONDER Jessie has a crush on Daya — she’s HOT!

Now it’s time for the spirit to help get these two cuties together!


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