Web Young – Alone At Last – Jane Wilde, Jessie Saint


Jessie Saint is excited for her first time alone as her parents leave for an anniversary trip. Before they leave, her parents can’t stop fretting over her, but Jessie assures them that everything will be fine!

When Jessie’s finally alone, she happily lounges in her underwear and gets ready to watch ALL the scary movies her parents don’t allow her to see. She’s been waiting for this chance FOREVER and she can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. But although it’s all fun and games right now, by the time night rolls around, Jessie has some serious regrets about her life’s choices.

As Jessie lies in bed, every creak and groan of the house startles her. Although she tries to be logical about it, she can’t stop her mind from imagining all the serial killers and monsters from the horror movies coming to get her. It gets so bad that she finally calls her friend, Jane Wilde, to come over.

When Jane arrives, she is calm and collected as she offers to walk around the house with Jessie to show her that there’s nothing to be scared of. Even after they do that and find everything to be safe and sound, Jessie still asks if Jane would be willing to spend the night with her — just in case.

Just wanting to be a good friend, Jane agrees, and they soon slide into bed together. But as they cuddle up to each other, things start to heat up. Surely it’s just the adrenalin, right? Whatever it is, as they begin touching each and more, Jessie finds herself wishing that Jane could spend EVERY night with her — not just the scary ones!


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