She Loves Black – Secret BBC Hook Up With Her Friend’s Dad – Gia Derza


Gia Derza is a sexy slut. Currently she stays in her BFF’s house for a few months. She is sneaking boys in at night and have some sort of sex parties it sounds like. My wife and I are growing uneasy about the situation. So one day when she was about to head out to meet her friends I asked her if we could have a sit down to talk. She was wearing this super cute pink skirt and top that just made her look stunning. As I brought up the issue she had a shy smile on her face and apologized for the inconvenience. She said she can’t help herself when she sees a big cock. She just feels like she has to take it and feel it inside her holes. Well, I thought it’s a bit too much TMI but I had to admit it sounded very hot the way she talked about it. Soon I noticed that she is not wearing panties as she accidentally or maybe on purpose opened her legs in front of me. At that point I could feel that Gia was flirting with me. Oh boy! Is this really happening to me? As I was wondering about that she said she was always dreaming about playing with my big black cock. She thinks it must be huge given the fact that the type of man as I am tend to have a massive penis. I couldn’t even really react to that before I found her on her knees in front of me reaching for my already hard cock. When I took it out her eyes went wide and her mouth watered. She grabbed it and started to admire it before she jerked it and eventually started licking and sucking it. She was struggling to fit that BBC in her little mouth but she said she loves it when it makes her choke and gag before she manages to hit the back of her throat with it. I was mesmerized. She asked if it’s ok to put it in her wet pussy so she can feel it throbbing. I barely had any words at that point. I just nod. She stood up and directed my hand to finger her tight pussy before she turned around and sat on my BBC. It’s exactly what she wanted she said as she bounced up and down on it. She grinds on it before she squat down to suck it again to taste her own cum. Than she asked me to stand up and fuck her face really hard, make her feel like a little cocksucker whore that she is. She drooled all over, made it a very messy blowjob. Than I’ve bent her over and fucked her hard with my big fucking cock. She was screaming out of joy. Then she spread her legs and had me banging her in a missionary position. Before she rode me again I had her giving me a slutty footjob with her perfect feet and toes. After orgasming all over my cock again and again she said she wants to suck me off and taste my warm sperm. She said she just loves cum in mouth, so she went on her knees and jerked and sucked my massive penis until my sticky load sprayed all over her face and mouth. We were both stunned about what just had happened. We both agreed to keep this in between us for the sake of the rest of the family and friends.


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Actors: Gia Derza
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