Pure Taboo – Wrapped Around Her Finger – Olive Glass, Seth Gamble


SCENE OPENS on Mike (Seth Gamble). He putters around a bed where a woman, Abby (Nicole Sage), lies with her eyes closed. He makes sure everything is clean, smoothing out her bedsheet. As he busies himself, her eyes flutter open. Only her head moves. It’s clear that she is paralyzed from the neck down.

As they have a conversation, it becomes evident that their relationship is somewhat strained.

At that moment, there is a knock at the door and Teresa (Olive Glass), Abby’s home-care professional, walks in, smiling pleasantly. When she locks eyes with Mike, he smiles back, but his expression is tense, as if he is hiding something. There seems to be something unspoken between Mike and Teresa, but Abby doesn’t notice. Teresa announces that she’s leaving for the day, says goodbye, and exits the room. Mike excuses himself for a moment, following Teresa out of the room.

Mike catches up to Teresa. It becomes clear that Mike and Teresa have been having an affair, which Mike now wants to end. He fires Teresa, insisting that she leave immediately. She stares at him for a moment in shock before she turns around and walks down the hall.


Moments later, Mike is in the bathroom when he hears a door open in his wife’s room. He goes to investigate.

Entering the bedroom, Mike is shocked to see Teresa standing over Abby, who now has her eyes closed, snoring softly. Teresa comes on to Mike, insisting that they fuck, right here, right now. Try as he might, Mike is powerless to resist Teresa’s allure.

Teresa truly has Mike wrapped around her finger…


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Actors: Olive Glass
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