Mommy’s Boy – To Those Who Wait – Natasha Nice, Alex Mack


Natasha Nice is approached by her stepson, Alex Mack, who demands steak for dinner. Natasha already bought something else for dinner but she immediately caves anyway, saying she’ll go back to the grocery store to get steak. This pleases Alex, who flirtily says that he’ll have Natasha for dessert, and he leaves the room. Natasha realizes that she’s spoiling him way too much, giving him whatever he wants – including her pussy. She resolves to teach him a lesson about entitlement.When Alex comes back into the room to ask if he can have ‘dessert’ (Natasha’s pussy) right now instead of after dinner, she withholds it from him, telling him he’ll have to wait until TOMORROW. Not used to being denied, he is not happy. A little later that day, Alex asks again for Natasha’s pussy. She denies him again, but it seems to be getting more difficult for her.Throughout the day, Alex begs again and again for Natasha’s pussy. She finally realizes that there’s no changing him – he’s too spoiled already – and decides to give him what he wants. She pulls her breasts out of her top so he can touch and taste them as an appetizer, and then lets him have the dessert he’s been craving: her delicious pussy!


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Actors: Natasha Nice
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