Pure Taboo – Where Her Loyalties Lie – Ashley Lane, Katrina Colt, Ruckus


Katrina Colt, a professional loyalty tester, explains her services to a prospective client, Ruckus. Katrina says that she will flirt with a client’s romantic partner to gauge whether the partner is unfaithful or not. Ruckus decides he’d like Katrina to flirt with his fiancee, Sandra (Ashley Lane), who he suspects may be a closeted lesbian. He’s noticed some other red flags from Sandra, and since he’s about to marry her, he wants to make sure she isn’t hiding anything else from him.

Katrina initially declines the offer, since she usually only flirts with men. But after Ruckus begs her to do it, she eventually accepts. Besides, since she never has sex with her clients’ targets, she won’t have to do anything she’s not comfortable with – she just needs to see if Sandra is attracted to women, and is receptive to cheating on Ruckus. With that decided, Katrina and Ruckus concoct a plan to get Katrina in close proximity to Sandra: Katrina will pose as a wedding planner, and Ruckus will set up a ‘meeting’ between Sandra and Katrina, where Sandra will think she’ll be interviewing Katrina for the wedding planner position.

The next week, Katrina arrives at Ruckus and Sandra’s home posing as a wedding planner. Ruckus introduces Sandra to Katrina and then claims he has to run some errands, leaving the two of them alone. As Katrina and Sandra discuss the upcoming wedding, Katrina tries to see if Sandra will flirt with her. Sandra takes the bait, but Katrina finds herself to ALSO be attracted to Sandra, which catches her off-guard. However, that’s not the only surprise that’s in store for Katrina…


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