Modern Day Sins – Mad Fuckers: Somebody Ought To Teach You Some Manners – Vanna Bardot, Seth Gamble


Vanna Bardot is staying at her best friend’s house for the summer. However, her best friend’s parent, Seth Gamble, is less than happy about this arrangement. It’s just that Vanna is so bratty and lazy, not pulling her weight around the house, and Seth’s patience is wearing thin.

While his family is out for the day, Seth tries to get Vanna to help him with a chore. But Vanna has her headphones on and is playing with her cellphone, obviously ignoring him. Seth attempts to get her attention in a number of ways but she keeps ignoring him, which only makes him even more frustrated.

Finally, Seth lifts a headphone and asks Vanna to help him out but she rudely refuses. That’s when Seth’s had enough, saying that he’s going to teach her some manners. Vanna, not to be outdone, boldly tells him to do whatever he wants to her — she’s STILL going to ignore him, anyway.

Seth starts by spanking Vanna but she holds fast, texting away on her phone. Seth is so agitated by her complete disrespect that he pulls down her shorts and spanks her bare bottom. When THAT doesn’t work, he escalates things by fingerbanging her but even THAT’S not enough to get the spoiled teen’s attention. Even when he takes out his cock and fucks her doggystyle, Vanna keeps on texting while ignoring him.

Finally, enough is enough. Seth grabs her phone and breaks it.

NOW Vanna finally pays attention to Seth, turned on by his dominant attitude. It’s time for the REAL fun to begin… but will it be enough to teach Vanna some manners?


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Actors: Vanna Bardot