Pure Taboo – Unwanted – Maya Woulfe, AJ


Step-Brother Uses Pregnant Teen’s Secret Against Her

SCENE OPENS to Ariana (Maya Woulfe) anxiously pacing the living room. She is clearly distraught, almost in tears. She’s clutching a pregnancy test in her hand. As she paces, she keeps looking at the test, as if still in disbelief about what the results say. She paces a few moments more, the tension ramping up as she struggles to hold it together. Finally, we hear the voice of her step-brother Marcus (AJ), as he walks through the front door.

Marcus enters the room, though he instantly looks concerned as he sees Ariana looking so distraught while obviously waiting for him. He asks her what’s wrong.

Ariana takes a shaky breath, then lifts the pregnancy test. She’s moved to tears and can’t even find the words to speak. She thrusts the pregnancy test into Marcus’s hands, unable to even look him in the eye. Marcus looks down at the object in his hands, then up at his step-sister. In disbelief, he asks her what happened. She isn’t even seeing anyone!

Ariana sheepishly answers that she got pregnant after sneaking out for a houseparty. Panicked, she tells Marcus that he can’t tell ANYONE about this, and asks him to bring her to a clinic. As she speaks, Marcus watches her spill her heart out, an evil thought slowly growing on his face. Marcus begins toying with her, insisting that she should get someone else to help.

Spiralling into a tailspin of desperation, Ariana begs for Marcus’s help, offering to do anything. When he hints at sex, rubbing his crotch suggestively, Ariana is beside herself with disgust. She opens her mouth a few times as if to lash out at him again but gradually loses her resolve. She looks defeated as her shoulders slump, agreeing to what Marcus wants. Ariana looks like she hates herself as she slides down to her knees and begins undoing Marcus’s pants for a blowjob.

If Ariana wants Marcus’s help, he’s going to get what HE wants too…


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Actors: Maya Woulfe
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