Only Tarts – Online Teaching Gone Wrong – Angelique Lapiedra


As an online professor, he enjoys a number of perks. Not having to drive to campus, more flexible hours and not having to deal directly with students to name just a few. It also allows him to conduct class from nearly anywhere. One busy week he decided to double up for an online class and an in-person tutoring session with a struggling student named Angelique Lapiedra. He starts class and then gets an important phone call. He leaves Angelique to read the chapter assignment to the other students. She is already bored and looking for a way to get what she really wants, the professor’s dick inside of her. Seducing and fucking him has to be way more fun than his class so she puts down the book and crawls into his bed. She decides to change out of her school clothes and into something super sexy and totally slutty. What she failed to realize is that she forgot to turn off the camera on the laptop and the entire class can see her nearly naked and waiting for the professor to return. When he sees her dressed this way he can’t believe it. He also doesn’t realize the camera is still on when he lets her take his big cock out and start sucking on it. He is bigger than she expected and shocks her when he eats her from behind and sticks his tongue into her butthole. Neither of them is aware that the whole class is watching as he slides his long dick into her and starts banging. He grabs her by the hair to make sure she takes every inch. That just makes her hornier than before. Moving her into position, he fucks her mouth until he explodes all over her face. Only then does Angelique realize the camera is on. She smiles with his load dripping off her lips at her horny classmates.


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