Only Tarts – Bonus Class – Aliska Dark, Bella Grey, Eva Barbie, Una Fairy


On the last day of the semester, Una Fairy sits in the teacher’s house with her best friends Eva Barbie, Aliska Dark, and Bella Grey. As the final exams approach, the girls need to dedicate time to preparation in order to achieve good grades. Their teacher, a handsome guy, consented to organize an extra lesson to assist with exam preparation. However, the girls are not motivated to study, as they want to unwind a bit before the exam. They are aware of a pool at the teacher’s residence and consider it a tempting option for some leisure time. Unexpectedly, the teacher discovered some swimsuits that were left behind after some party. He is shocked but loves the way girls look in their revealing outfits. Girls love knowing that they have his full attention and the attention of his fully erect cock. Being naughty together is fun, but having an older man stroking his cock for them is too much to resist. Eva puts his dick in her mouth and learns that he will go all the way with them and love it. They take turns riding him while continuing to suck and play with each other. Best friends share everything, including a hot older cock like this one. They are so cute, so willing and so tight that he just can’t stay in any one hole for long without switching. Good thing they are not selfish because he shoots his load all over all four pretty faces. What a way to end a semester.


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