Nuru Massage – Last Ditch Effort – Ella Reese, Nathan Bronson


Nathan Bronson has been invited to the home of his girlfriend, Ella Reese. The dining room is lit only by candles, and Ella explains that since they’re getting more serious with their relationship, she thought a candlelit dinner would be a romantic date. However, Nathan struggles to do things in the dim lighting, so he admits that this idea isn’t working for him because he can’t see what he’s doing. Ella is apologetic, but he comfortingly tells her that he’s sure everything will go fine on their next date.

Days later, Ella has been invited to Nathan’s place for a date. He tries to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers, but it turns out she’s allergic to that type of flower. Alas, another failure. But surely the NEXT date will be better. A few days later, Ella and Nathan decide to take a romantic bath together at Ella’s home. However, it turns out that the bathtub is too cramped for the both of them to get comfortable, especially when they try to take things in a sexy direction, so they give up on the idea.

They are both disappointed that their attempts at being romantic aren’t working out, and wonder if it’s a sign that their relationship isn’t meant to be. But then Nathan gets curious about a bottle of NURU gel near the tub. Ella explains that it was a sample she had received a while back, and had completely forgotten about it. Maybe this is a sign they should give romance another try? They agree to attempt a NURU massage.

After they finish setting up an inflatable mattress and bowl of NURU gel, Ella starts to give Nathan a sensual and romantic NURU massage. As she continues to slide up and down his body, they both look pleased with how good this feels. Her touches become extra sensual, as the attraction between them grows. It looks like they FINALLY got things right. Happy that they gave romance another try, they passionately make love.


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Actors: Ella Reese
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