My Pervy Family – Took My Dads Maximum Strength Viagara – Victoria Lobov


Man, did I ever mess up. Studying for finals got me all screwy and I grabbed one of my dad’s boner pills thinking it was an aspirin by mistake. Now it won’t go down. I don’t know what to do, but I need help and my stepmom Victoria is the only one around so I have to tell her, as awkward as it is. My stepmom did some internet research and concluded that I need to release myself to get rid of the hard-on. Being the caring stepmother she is, she helped me jerk it a little but that wasnt doing it so she took out her ginormous tits for me to look at even sucked my cock. Unfortunately I still didn’t bust, so my stepmom got an idea and stripped down and sat right on my dick and started riding me. This was definitely helping, I flipped her over to fuck her from behind and play with her big boobs. My stepmom seemed to like my stiff cock because she kept moaning… She didn’t even complain when I finally shot my load directly into her shaved pussy. Hope dad doesn’t find out!


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Actors: Victoria Lobov
Studios: My Pervy Family
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