Mommy’s Girl – Career Vs. Family – Ryan Keely, Maya Woulfe


Ryan Keely, a businesswoman, arrives home and is greeted by her stepdaughter, Maya Woulfe. Maya is glad that Ryan is home, though notices that Ryan seems worried. Ryan reveals that she’s been offered a promotion at work. Maya is excited for her, but Ryan admits that she’s not sure she’ll take the promotion because it involves a lot of travel, so it’d mean spending less time with Maya.

Maya is touched, trying to assure Ryan that she’ll be fine, but Ryan says she wants to spend as much time with Maya as possible before Maya no longer needs her. Maya insists that she’ll always need Ryan. Besides, quality is more important than quantity, so all they need to do is make their time together REALLY count. Ryan isn’t sure what Maya means by that, so Maya demonstrates by kissing her.

Ryan is surprised, but admits that she finds Maya attractive too. After making sure that Maya really wants this, they exchange more kisses, then undress so they can touch each other’s breasts, and enjoy the taste of each other’s pussies. With THIS kind of quality time, Ryan will be able to balance career and family life for sure!


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