Mommy’s Boy – Fun With Shapes – Dee Williams, Chase Arcangel


Chase Arcangel is studying for an upcoming math exam but is becoming frustrated. His stepmother, Dee Williams, asks him what’s wrong, and he tells her how he’s struggling with geometry. Dee is sympathetic and offers to help. Chase accepts, so Dee begins trying to verbally teach Chase some aspects of geometry. However, Chase seems to be distracted by Dee’s cleavage. Dee notices, and realizes she can use the attraction to make the lesson easier for him to follow.Chase is stunned but receptive as Dee starts using her breasts to demonstrate math ideas and equations, such as calculating the surface area of a sphere. Dee grabs a ruler to try and show how to take measurements for the math. Chase is even more flustered, becoming increasingly aroused, especially when Dee has him use the ruler on her breasts himself. Dee starts becoming aroused as well.The math lesson turns into a different kind of activity, as Chase fondles and licks Dee’s breasts, and she fondles Chase’s crotch. Then they get further undressed so Dee can stroke Chase’s cock, and he can give her pussy some attention. Oh well, sometimes it’s good to take a break from studying!


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Actors: Dee Williams
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