Mommy’s Girl – World Tour From Home – Hazel Moore, Jessica Ryan


Jessica Ryan is walking down the stairs when she is stopped by her stepdaughter, Hazel Moore, coming out of the bathroom and closing the door quickly behind her. Jessica is surprised and curious as to what Hazel is up to. Hazel explains that since Jessica has gone to so much effort to save up for Hazel’s college – so much, in fact, that Jessica has been unable to afford a vacation for herself – Hazel has decided to show her gratitude with a special surprise!

Hazel says that she has drawn a luxurious bath for Jessica, who is instantly appreciative and moved by Hazel’s thoughtfulness. But Hazel is quick to say that the bath isn’t the ONLY surprise she has in store for Jessica. Since Jessica can’t go on an ACTUAL vacation these days, Hazel has planned a ‘trip around the world’ – ALL from the bathtub!

As Jessica relaxes in the bath while wearing her favorite bikini, Hazel uses various treats, decor, and music to help Jessica feel as if she’s vacationing in different parts of the world. Jessica is charmed by Hazel’s adorable efforts to make her happy, and eventually invites Hazel to join her in the tub…


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