Mommy’s Boy – Always Come Prepared – Sarah Vandella, Nade Nasty


Sarah Vandella marches into her stepson’s room with a tube of sunscreen in her hand. It seems like he forgot to pack sunscreen AGAIN, and the last thing he needs during his school camping trip is a nasty sunburn. Her stepson’s nowhere to be found, so she decides to pack it into his overnight bag for him, only to find a pack of condoms. Her eyes go wide- what are THESE?! When Nade Nasty, her stepson, enters the bedroom, he’s embarrassed that Sarah has found his secret. Sarah begins questioning him. Is he having sex? Does he have a girlfriend? Nade reveals that he’s still a virgin and doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he wanted to take these along with him on the school trip just in case something frisky happened. He wants to be as prepared as can be. Relieved that he is at least acting responsibly, Sarah inquires if Nade actually KNOWS how to put a condom on. He admits that he doesn’t, but assumes one of the girls on the trip will be able to do it for him, should the occasion arise. Sarah does a double-take: oh HELL no. Sarah sternly points out that it’s important for Nade to be able to put a condom on by HIMSELF, and offers to show him how to do it. Since there are no other options in the house and they don’t have much time, Sarah insists that she demonstrate on his actual cock. Nade can’t do much but agree as his sexy stepson commands his junk, working him up to an erection and instructing him on the ins and outs of how to put on a condom. Now that he’s hard (and protected), maybe she could give him a crash course in sexual intercourse too? That would DEFINITELY make sure Nade is 100% prepared. They have playful, instructional sex, with Sarah doing everything in her matronly power to make sure Nade is ready and equipped for whatever comes his way.


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Actors: Sarah Vandella
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