Modern Day Sins – Lust Triangles: You’d Get Along Great – Casey Calvert, Arabelle Raphael, Chad Alva


Arabelle Raphael and Casey Calvert, a lesbian couple, are walking up to a house, each holding some luggage. It is revealed that they will be staying at Casey’s ex-boyfriend’s home for a few days. Arabelle expresses some worry about the situation, but Casey is quick to assure her that she and her ex are on great terms. In fact, she thinks that he and Casey will get along splendidly. Arabelle seems convinced and they continue to the house.

When they arrive at the door they are warmly greeted by Chad Alva, Casey’s ex. He invites them inside, and he proves to be a gracious host as they exchange some small talk together. There seems to be a hint of attraction between Chad and Arabelle, though Casey doesn’t notice.

Later that night, the three of them are watching a movie together when Casey says that she is exhausted. She goes to the bedroom to get some shut-eye, leaving Arabelle and Chad alone on the couch to finish the movie. Arabelle and Chad begin chatting, and within moments it becomes clear that there is indeed an attraction between them. Chad moves in for a kiss, and Arabelle welcomes it for a moment but then has second thoughts. They really shouldn’t be doing this, especially with Casey being in the next room.

But their temptations are too hard to ignore. Agreeing to keep a secret, they start making out and feeling each other’s bodies over their clothes. Arabelle partially undresses and Chad sucks on her nipples, after which Chad removes his pants and they masturbate each other. Chad then moves Arabelle’s panties aside and fucks her doggystyle, all while trying to remain quiet so that Casey doesn’t hear.

Except Casey suddenly calls out Arabelle’s name from the other room! Arabelle and Chad throw their clothes back on and Arabelle goes to the bedroom. When Arabelle enters, Casey seems to have no idea what was going on outside. Arabelle joins her in bed and they start making out sensually. Things get heated and Casey begins kissing Arabelle’s voluptuous breasts. They then get fully naked and Arabelle performs cunnilingus on Casey, who orgasms.

Arabelle is having a great time but wants to go see Chad again. She makes an excuse to leave the room, claiming she’ll be back in a heartbeat. When Arabelle goes back to Chad, however, she tells him she thinks they should stop. What they are doing isn’t fair to Casey. Once again though, they are unable to resist the sumptuous chemistry between them and pick up right where they left off. Chad unzips his pants and Arabelle gives him a blowjob. They then get fully naked and have missionary sex on the couch.

Arabelle soon remembers that she left Casey hanging, and goes back to see her in the bedroom. Casey is excited to get back to the action and ushers Arabelle into the bed. Both fully naked, Casey performs cunnilingus on Arabelle and then fingers her. The moment comes to a halt, however, when Arabelle suggests they BOTH go see Chad and invite him for a threesome. Casey is hesitant about it but is soon convinced by Arabelle. They leave the room and go see Chad.

When Casey and Arabelle propose a threesome to Chad, he is surprised but VERY willing. They all start kissing, and then the girls give Chad a double-blowjob. Casey and Arabelle take turns riding Chad in cowgirl as the girls continue to make out and fondle each other. Eventually, Casey puts her ass on Chad’s face as Arabelle rides him and eats Casey out. Chad then fucks Arabelle doggystyle as she lies prone on Casey, sucking on her breasts and talking dirty to her. They switch, and Chad has missionary sex with Casey as Arabelle facesits on her.

Arabelle and Casey then get into a 69 position, with Arabelle on top, getting fucked by Chad in doggystyle at the same time. Chad pounds Arabelle as Casey licks her pussy, occasionally putting Chad’s cock in her mouth. The threesome finishes with Chad fucking Casey doggystyle, pulling out his cock at the last minute to cum in Arabelle’s mouth.

Seems like Casey was right- Chad and Arabelle are certainly getting along GREAT.