Modern Day Sins – Anal Envy: The Man In Charge – Kenna James, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble is at work. He looks overworked and frustrated as he types away on his laptop, sighing with annoyance. Kenna James, an office cleaning lady, enters and begins to work. They greet each other politely, but as she cleans, Seth can’t help but be distracted from his work by Kenna’s beauty.

Kenna notices him staring and seems amused, smiling at Seth as she begins to purposefully flaunt her body for him. Seth doesn’t realize that she’s putting on a show for him and tries to politely avert his eyes, but it’s tough for him to tear himself away from her hotness. Seeing that he’s too polite to take the bait, Kenna becomes more assertive and gets close to Seth. Grabbing his tie, she pulls him towards her, kissing him intensely. He seems nervous and sweaty but ultimately can’t resist her.

There is an expression of happy disbelief on Seth’s face as Kenna gets on her knees in front of him. Taking her top off, she sucks his cock and tittyfucks him. Soon, she rises to her feet, taking the rest of her clothes off. She bends over Seth’s desk, showing off her perfect ass and inviting Seth to fuck her. He obliges, sliding his cock into her and fucking her as she braces herself against the desk.

Eventually, Kenna pulls off of his dick and turns around to suggest they take things into the boss’s office. Seth is nervous but ultimately agrees after Kenna promises to let him fuck her ass.

They move to Seth’s boss’s office. Picking up where they left off, they kiss and caress each other’s naked bodies. Kenna has Seth sit in his boss’s chair as she goes down on him again, sucking his cock hungrily and tittyfucking him. Kenna then hops up, easing herself down onto Seth’s cock. Seth slips his cock into Kenna’s ass and she rides him reverse-cowgirl.

Soon, Seth guides Kenna onto his boss’s desk. She lies down on her side and Seth continues to pound her perfect ass.

Feels good to be the man in charge, doesn’t it, Seth?


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Actors: Kenna James
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