Caught Fapping – Teaching The Basics – Lulu Chu, Jessie Saint


Alone in her room, Lulu Chu decides it’s time to get a little frisky. She spreads her legs, pulls her shorts to one side, and starts to masturbate, rubbing herself until she’s wet and dripping. Her private self-love session is interrupted by her stepsister, Jessie Saint, who opens the door to Lulu’s room and recoils in shock. Lulu covers herself and demands to know what Jessie is doing entering her room without asking. Apparently, Jessie was just looking to borrow a t-shirt, but now that she sees what Lulu is up to, is somewhat intrigued. It is revealed that Jessie has NEVER masturbated before, which surprises Lulu. Lulu invites the inexperienced Jessie into her bed and, side-by-side, teaches her how to masturbate. She starts off slow, showing Jessie the basics until she gets so turned on that she decides to lend Jessie a helping hand. Lulu reaches over and starts to rub Jessie’s pussy, who loves every second of it. Eventually, the two girls can’t take it any longer, and throw off the rest of their clothes to have playful, exploratory sex. Lulu does a good job of mentoring Jessie in her first lesbian experience, but Jessie’s a fast learner. No worries though, Lulu’s got a few ‘advanced techniques’ up her sleeve if Jessie masters the basics.