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Today we have 40-year-old Natalee who’s super hot and gorgeous, super nervous, and super ready to take her clothes off and fuck our young hot stud Tyler Nixon. You see Natalee typically dates younger guys because she needs someone that can keep up with all facets’ of her life. I’ll leave that to you and your imagination to answer that because this Milf’s a Rubik’s cube of equations. It’s complicated I’ll admit and if you want to hear how she lost her virginity at 20, or what toys she began to masturbate with and inserted up her pussy, then you want to listen to the interview. It’s interesting and worth your time for sure if you like back-stories. And like the Title reads, this Milf’s got some. But lets fast-forward to when this woman removes her clothes to reveal that killer body at (19:10) and girl you have great tits. Fake, but great, and once Tyler gets you fully nude and on your back he wastes no time at all making you Orgasm to the first of many Squirting O’s of the day at (21:49) and than another immediately after at (22:27) for back-to-back Squirting Orgasms. I don’t think Natalee Squirts very often because right after she squirted she apologized for doing it all over the bed and floor and appeared to be genuinely embarrassed. Adorable and if you blink you’ll miss the girl juice that gushed out of her pussy at (22:35) and this Milf’s genuine hotness and arousal was on full display in PIP. Hot, just fucking hot, and Tyler wanting to prove he’s the best cock to dick her in almost forever so he went down to lick that beautiful slit and asshole of hers at (24:12). Then he did some Anal Play at (26:56), which she enjoyed immensely, before moving her onto the bed for a Blowjob. Fuck if this woman isn’t fun and once we introduce the Magic Wand to her waiting fun box, Orgasm #3 was just around the corner at (30:55) before Tyler fucked her in his and hers favorite position Missionary at (34:03). Next this adorable Milf shyly admitted to using Butt Plugs at (39:26) so of course we inserts one, a Pink Bedazzled plug went up that ass and then she was DP’d with Toys for the remainder of the scene. Orgasm #4 happened next at (45:07) followed by Tyler Face Fucking our Lois Lane at (49:05) in Superman Position before moving strait into Titty Fucking for a little bit. There’s a brief Handjob with nipple pinching at (51:08) which is just the perfect transition to Doggy everyone. Work with me here, because Tyler took this opportunity to play with and probed her asshole in and out with the plug at (54:44) before utterly pounding the shit out of her in Face Down, Ass Up Doggy, which she absofuckinglutely loved. And if you watch and like the type of porn I produce then you’ll notice a common theme amongst the women and the type of sex they respond to. It centers on the notions: ‘Don’t ask, just do,’ and ‘less talk, more action,’ which was exactly the treatment Natalee so desperately needed today. Next Tyler told her to get between his legs and suck his cock while Mr. Black Shirt used the Magic Wand some more on her swollen pussy and clit which just totally sent her over the edge for the most intense Squirting Orgasm #5 at (1:05:01). Yep, just had to show in replay because her legs shook so fucking much and I just had to show it multiple times from different angles. Next we asked her at (1:06:01) if she’d ever eaten ass before and she replied, “Yeah.” Followed by us asking if she’d do it now. Which her response was kinda sorta the same except it was, “Yeahhhhhhhh???” Well that wasn’t a ’No’ so get down there and start digging honey because we love it when women give Rimjobs. Next it was Cowgirl and Orgasm #6 at (1:09:32) before she randomly said during a slower part of the action at (1:11:35), “I don’t think I’ve ever came this many times either.” But we all agreed that she liked it today and Tyler once more began fucking her harder in Jockey Position, Reverse Cowgirl and then lastly Side Spoon until she came a seventh time at (1:14:20) that was followed by an unannounced Miscellaneous Cumshot by Tyler to the body at (1:22:11). But of course don’t fret facial lovers because he gave her something she doesn’t usually do very often. A proper Facial at (1:24:55) which just covered that pretty and willing face of hers. Love it.

P.S. She kept the Butt Plug up her ass the entire shoot today and removed it in the shower at (1:36:58) because I think she forgot it was up there. Hot, and until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell.

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