Hot Milfs Fuck – Caitlin Bell – 36 Years Old


Can we have more Caitlin Bell please! Yes you can because this girl is smoking hot and loves good sex when she can find it and she’s found it right here with Jake Adams. Now Caitlin states she usually has a hard time cumming, which has always been a mystery to me why girls say they love sex but usually don’t cum during it. If guys had a hard time cumming during sex there wouldn’t be any sex going on, but luckily for Caitlin Jake is always up for a challenge and Jake usually delivers. So today’s scene forgoes the car/airport pickup and starts in the very cool and air-conditioned condo bedroom. Yeah it was like 119 fucking degrees outside and that’s just too hot to fuck in, even if you’re in a car. Anyways we do the usual “get to know” Caitlin questions and it’s quite quick that Jake just has her get naked and he starts fooling around. No one is blaming you Jake, I would have done the same and Caitlin sure as fuck ain’t complaining. She’s also not complaining about the 2 very strong and earth shattering orgasms she had during this long fuck session, and I’m not sure who’s blessed more, Caitlin or HMF? Because we have just been on a fucking roll here with so many Hot Milfs that like to Fuck I don’t know who to put up first. Well, today’s Caitlin’s lucky day so enjoy everybody.


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